Student Supporting Services

College life is very different from secondary school. It is a transition period for the students to go from being an adolescent to be a young adult. It is a time of adjustment and making choices. It is full of challenges that can be exciting but also very stressful. Student Affairs Office is here to provide students with guidance and assistance in facing these challenges so they can have whole-person development and pursue an enjoyable college life.

Student Supporting Services Team

Mr. Anthony Dang, Acting Head of Student Affairs Office/University and Careers Guidance Counselor
Ms. Alice Wu, Manager (Student Affairs)
Ms. Queenie Wang, Assistant Manager (Student Affairs)

Telephone: 3977 9877
We are located at Rm 201.

Services provided by Student Supporting Services

  1. Student counseling

    When faced with new challenges, it is not uncommon for students to seek extra support to help them solve their problems. Students are welcome to meet with our counselors to discuss his/her personal concerns. Our counselors are trained professional who are committed to helping you resolve your personal concerns, achieve personal growth and self-enhancement. Please be reassured that all sharing and discussion during counseling sessions will be handled in strict confidence.

    If you have any of these concerns, please feel free to come have a chat with us.

    • Study problem
    • Career planning
    • Adjustment difficulty
    • Interpersonal relationship difficulties
    • Depression, anxiety
    • Self-image
    • Dating and courtship
    • Emotional problem
    • Eating disorder
    • Any other issues concerning you
  2. Personal development programs

    There is much more to college life than just studying. Student Supporting Services provides a variety of personal development programs that you can join to build friendships, enhance your leadership and problem-solving skills, and broaden your horizon.

    Some of the activities we organize include:

    • Student orientation
    • Study skills training
    • Community services
    • Clubs & extra-curricular activities
    • Stress management workshops
    • President’s lunches
    • Personal development workshops
    • Emotional management
    • Leadership training
  3. Financial and accommodation assistance

    Student Supporting Services provides information for financial and accommodation assistance, please come to us for further details.

    • Student grant and loan
    • Scholarships
    • Student Travel Subsidy
  4. Consultation to teachers, parents and Student Association

    Student Supporting Services works closely together with parents and teachers in helping the students in need. Parents and teachers can approach Student Supporting Services if they have any concern for the students and make referral for individual counseling service if necessary.

    Parent consultations can focus upon concerns at school or home, parenting strategies, or developmental concerns. Teacher consultations cover emotional, behavioral or academic concerns of students. We also provide guidance for Student Association in organizing fun activities for students to enrich their college life experience.

  5. Alumni Association

    Student Supporting Services is now in the planning stage of setting up the YCCC Alumni Association. The objectives of the YCCC Alumni Association are to strengthen the network between all YCCC graduates in both personal and career-related regards. We hope to build up the bond among all YCCC alumni through different regional gatherings and make every graduate a part of the Yew Chung family. So come visit us often and keep in touch with us!