What are the programmes currently offered by YCCC?

YCCC currently offers two-year full-time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education and one-year full time Diploma in University Foundation Studies.


What is Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education (HDECE) Programme?

Building on the wealth of experience of YCEF in early childhood education, YCCC offers the two-year full time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education as our flagship programme. Committed to develop high quality early childhood educators, not only the programme is taught by quality international academic faculty, practicum opportunities are also provided, including exclusive placement at Yew Chung International School. Students are required to complete 26 courses, equivalent to 336 credits, including 8 weeks of practicum equivalent to 36 credits, within two years.

Graduates are eligible for registration as kindergarten teachers and child care worker/supervisors and special child care workers in Hong Kong, and can progress to local and overseas bachelor programmes in early childhood education or related disciplines.


What will be the study path of graduates from Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme?

Upon graduation from our Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme, students can further their study in local or overseas universities or they can look for employment. As at 2016, 100% of our graduates entered into local or overseas universities upon graduation from YCCC. 85% of them have successfully articulated to The University of Hong Kong (HKU)’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Child Development programme Year 3. For those who wish to work as kindergarten teachers, most of them are employed by premium international and local kindergartens. We have articulation agreements with many overseas universities to make sure our graduates can further their study in the university of their choice. For those who were admitted to the final year in the UK universities, they are able to complete their undergraduate study in three years.


Am I eligible to apply for Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

  1. Attained Level 2 in five subjects in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education including Chinese Language and English Language or equivalent qualification; or
    Matureapplicants of age 21 or above by 1 September of the year of admission. AND
  2. Pass the admissions interview.


What is Diploma in University Foundation Studies (DUFS) Programme?

DUFS Programme aims at strengthening students’ language ability, general knowledge and critical thinking so as to prepare them for further study in sub-degree programmes or Bachelor Degree programme. The one-year DUFS Programme focuses on general education, Chinese and English Languages. Students are required to take 10 subjects, equivalent to 138 QF credits within 2 semesters.


What are the admission requirements for DUFS Programme?

  1. Completion of Secondary Six or equivalent; or
    Mature applicants of age 20 or above by 1 September of the year of admission; AND
  2. Pass the admissions interview.

The DUFS programme will cease to admit students from 2018/19. The College is planning a new diploma programme in early childhood studies. Further details will be released later.


What is the study path upon graduation from DUFS Programme?

Graduates from DUFS Programme can apply for admissions to the two-year full-time Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education of the College. They can also apply for the local or overseas university’s Bachelor Degree Programme.


What language will be used in class?

English is used as the medium of instruction except for Chinese Language courses.


Any financial assistance provided by YCCC?

YCCC offers scholarships and grants to students; please check with the College for details.


Can I apply for financial assistance from the government?

DUFS is QF Level 3 programme, the student of this Programme will be eligible for The Extended Non-means- tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) administered by the Student Finance Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency.

Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education is QF Level 4 programme, financial assistance from the government is available. Eligible Hong Kong residents wishing to study in YCCC may apply to the Hong Kong Government for financial assistance in the form of a means-tested grant and loan or non-means-tested loan. The Government offers a Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-Secondary Students (FASP) and a Non-means Tested Loan Scheme (NLS).

 For details, please refer to the Government’s website



How can I apply?

You can apply through one of the following channels:


Have YCCC programmes undergone accreditation by HKCAAVQ ?

The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) has accredited all the programmes of YCCC